Why PCM is the right program for you spring 2021'






The PCM model was designed to work inline with how the body is made to function. Our core principle is posture and core. If I’m training you to be inline with good posture and alignment, than I am training you to use good form as you lift. And that’s what the PCM program is; a program that puts posture and form at its base. As simple as this sounds, it actually can make all of the difference in a successful exercise program vs a non-successful program. Here’s the difference the PCM model can make for you:

  • When you don’t use good form, this taxes the body more than using good form. Other muscles have to join in and compensate for the bad form misalignment.
  • Compensations taxes the body and eventually leads to chronic and acute injuries. These can show up as light annoyances and eventually becomes problems and limit your training.
  • When you train in bad form, you strengthen the bad form. Meaning, you make bad form and patterns stronger and harder to correct. The body does what you tell it to do and if you are lax on form, than the nervous system doesn’t notice the difference and will learn and strengthen faulty patterns.
  • You often will feel more energized after a PCM workout vs beaten down and defeated. And though there is a rewarding feeling in bringing yourself to the gym and surviving another session that was meant to destroy you, this energy rarely comes back up and often requires sleep to truly rejuvenate. PCM custom exercises actively works and reinforces good posture. The mind often takes on the state the body is in (and visa versa). You feel more tall after a PCM session. The mind picks this up and displays the energy and mental sharpness (not tiredness) that aligns with your body’s state.
  • How about when you’re not in the gym? You’re somewhere waiting for someone, or in line waiting for an event, or you’re sitting in a theater. You know the feeling. The body is nagging at you on how long it’s taking. You’re shifting back and forth in your seat. Or the body is always telling you it’s hungry and that it needs food for energy. In almost all of these scenarios, it’s really the taxation of your misalignment that is really the problem. And if you are “muscle bound” out of alignment, than these sensations can be worse. When you are sitting or waiting with good alignment, you are more content and at ease. You tend to be more patient and the mind is at peace. And you’ll also find that that energy food request was simply dehydration.


Core is the force distribution center of the body and the 2nd pillar in the PCM model. As we pull and push out at the arms and legs, we are allowed to generate (move) as much force as our force distribution center can take on. To aid the body in keeping proper alignment as it takes on outside forces (weight and resistance training), the core needs to be properly strong to help distribute these forces throughout the body (kinetic chain).

Week cores often sends these forces to the lower and mid-back. Let’s be clear, we are not talking about strengthening your “6 pack” muscles. PCM embodies endless amounts of custom, deep core exercises that are unique to the PCM model. You are bound to find favorites that were made just for you.


More is Posture and Core in application. This 3rd pillar bares traditional, and but mostly new, innovative exercises that are unique to the PCM model. In this pillar, look for proper instructions to familiar exercises and many other exercises that provides you with a cutting edge in training.

Many of these points are obvious and others more subtle. It is the subtle points that are possibly more mental than physical (but eventually begins to effect things physically). But for me in my 23 years of training, it is the mental occurrences as well as the physical that can make or break a training program. When you have been working out and training for as long as I have, you can see how things, holistically contribute or takes away from your training and will. When you’re over the magic tricks of fitness and you want to put in long lasting, sustainable, and rewarding work, let PCM provide the guidance and direction. Our vast video library starts you where you are and gives you goals to shoot for as you build your body the right way.